Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands

Tinian - Local

Local Area Code: 670  Time Zone: UTC+10  DST: N
Location: (by zip code) 15.081686 N, -145.652262 W
County: Northern Mariana Islands County
Places in Northern Mariana Islands County

Astronomical Dawn: 4:03 am
Sunrise: 5:17 am
Sunset: 4:45 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 5:59 pm

Local Time: 12:08 pm   | 82°F / 82% RH  | 
Current Weather: Partly Cloudy
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Tinian from Saipan.

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Map of Tinian MP ( 96952 )

Northern Mariana Islands Profile

Name = Northern Mariana Islands
Abbr = MP
Cap. = Saipan
Pop. (2000) = 69,221
Pop. (2010) = 88,662
Pop. (2015) = 82,460
Bird = Mariana fruit-dove
Web = www.gov.mp
Land Area = 179.01 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Mount Agrihan (3,166ft.)
Lowest Point = Pacific Ocean
(Sea Level)

Area Code(s) = 670 

Base State Sales Tax

Ralph Torres

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