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Local Area Code: 215  Time Zone: Eastern  DST: Y
Location: (by zip code) 39.951659 N, 75.144608 W
Population: (2000 census) = 1,517,550 (city)   Demographics
Median age: (2000 census) 34.2 yrs.
Population: (2010: by zip code) = 11,740
Area: (by zip code) 1.21 sq.mi. 33% water.
County: Philadelphia County  County Population: (2010) = 1,526,006   
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Current Weather: Mostly Cloudy
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"The City of Brotherly Love"

The layout of Philadelphia was planned out by William Penn. A statue of William Penn tops City Hall.

On July 1, 1776, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, and on the following day 12 of the 13 colonies voted in favor of Richard Henry Lee's motion for independence. The delegates then spent the next two days debating and revising the language of a statement drafted by Thomas Jefferson. On July 4, Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, and as a result the date is celebrated as Independence Day.

From 1790-1800, Philadelphia was the capital of the U.S. Government while a permanent capital city was being built.

Philadelphia was the home of the first paper mill in North America, the first public school, the first Presbytery, the first volunteer fire association, and the first permanent theatre house.

The city of Philadelphia is located 94.5 miles ( 152 km )
--- heading 103o (east-southeast) from Harrisburg.

At the time of the 2000 census, the city of Philadelphia had a population of 1,517,550 living in 590,071 households. The median age was 34.2 yrs.

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Born in Philadelphia ...

Betsy Griscom Ross (1752) - flagmaker
John Barrymore (1882) - actor
Margaret Mead (1901) - anthropologist
Mario Lanza (1921) - Actor, singer
Roy Campanella (1921) - Hall of Fame baseball player
Pete Conrad (1930) - NASA Astronaut and engineer
Donald Barthelme (1931) - author
Peter Boyle (1935) - actor
Bill Cosby (1937) - actor
Bradley Cooper (1975) - American actor
Tara Lipinski (1982) - figure skater

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Independence Hall

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Name = Pennsylvania
Abbr = PA
Cap. = Harrisburg
Pop. (2000) = 12,281,054
Pop. (2010) = 12,702,379
Pop. (2015) = 12,802,503
Nick. = Keystone State
Motto = Virtue, liberty and independence
Flower = Mountain laurel
Bird = Ruffed grouse
Tree = Hemlock
Song = Pennsylvania
Statehood = Dec. 12, 1787
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Land Area = 44,817 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Mt Davis (3,213ft.)
Lowest Point = Delaware River
(Sea Level)

Area Code(s) = 215 267 412 
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