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Local Area Code: 802  Time Zone: Eastern  DST: Y
Location: (by zip code) 44.287423 N, 72.600062 W
Population: (2000 census) = 8,035 (city)   Demographics
Median age: (2000 census) 40.5 yrs.
County: Washington County   County Population: (2010) = 59,534   
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Sunset: 8:08 pm
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Current Weather: Fair
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Montpelier is the capital of Vermont.

Chartered by the Vermont General Assembly on August 14, 1781, the town was granted to Timothy Bigelow and 58 others. The first permanent settlement began in May 1787, when Colonel Jacob Davis and General Parley Davis arrived from Charlton, Massachusetts. General Davis surveyed the land, while Colonel Davis cleared forest and erected a large log house on the west side of the North Branch of the Winooski River. His family moved in the following winter. It was Colonel Davis who selected the name Montpelier after the French city Montpellier. The settlement grew quickly, and by 1791 the population reached 117. In 1825, the Marquis de Lafayette visited Montpelier on a triumphal tour of America, 50 years after the Revolutionary War.

After the Vermont Central Railroad opened in Montpelier on June 20, 1849, the town developed into a center for manufacturing. In the same year East Montpelier was set off as a separate town. Falls on the Winooski River provided water power for mills. There was an iron foundry.

Today, government, higher education, insurance and tourism are principal businesses. The Vermont History Museum is operated in The Pavilion by the Vermont Historical Society. The town had the first municipal water driven hydro system in Vermont in 1884. Water pressure generated sufficient electricity for streetlights. The state proclaimed October 12, 1899, as "Dewey Day" to honor native son George Dewey, the hero of Battle of Manila Bay and the Spanish-American War. Thousands turned out from the state to his hometown of Montpelier for the celebration.

At the time of the 2000 census, the city of Montpelier had a population of 8,035 living in 3,739 households. The median age was 40.5 yrs.

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Vermont Profile

Name = Vermont
Abbr = VT
Cap. = Montpelier
Pop. (2000) = 608,827
Pop. (2010) = 625,741
Pop. (2015) = 626,042
Nick. = Green Mountain State
Motto = Freedom and unity
Flower = Red clover
Bird = Hermit thrush
Tree = Sugar maple
Song = Hail, Vermont
Statehood = Mar. 4, 1791
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Land Area = 9,250 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Mt Mansfield (4,393ft.)
Lowest Point = Lake Champlain

Area Code(s) = 802 

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