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Acceptable alternate names for zip code 02882:
Point Judith

Local Area Code: 401  Time Zone: Eastern  DST: Y
Location: (by zip code) 41.43214 N, 71.468662 W
Population: (2000 census) = 16,361 (town)   Demographics
Median age: (2000 census) 36.4 yrs.
Population: (2010: by zip code) = 14,184
Area: (by zip code) 17.86 sq.mi. 28.3% water.
County: Washington County   County Population: (2010) = 126,979   
Places in Washington County

Astronomical Dawn: 5:34 am
Sunrise: 7:06 am
Sunset: 5:53 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 7:26 pm

Local Time: 2:15 pm   | 67°F / 91% RH  | 
Current Weather: Mostly Cloudy
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In 2013, Narragansett celebrates its 125th year.

The town of Narragansett is located 27.2 miles ( 43.8 km )
--- heading 186o (south) from Providence.

At the time of the 2000 census, the town of Narragansett had a population of 16,361 living in 6,846 households. The median age was 36.4 yrs.

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Point Judith Lighthouse

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Motto = Hope
Flower = Violet
Bird = Rhode Island red
Tree = Red maple
Song = Rhode Island
Statehood = May 29, 1790
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Land Area = 1,045 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Jerimoth Hill (812ft.)
Lowest Point = Atlantic Ocean
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