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70513 Avery Island, LA 0 Iberia Central PO Box
70560 New Iberia, LA 4.61 Iberia Central Standard
70519 Cade, LA 4.63 Saint Martin Central PO Box
70562 New Iberia, LA 5.31 Iberia Central PO Box
70582 Saint Martinville, LA 7.42 Saint Martin Central Standard
70552 Loreauville, LA 7.93 Iberia Central Standard
70518 Broussard, LA 8.01 Lafayette Central Standard
70592 Youngsville, LA 8.17 Lafayette Central Standard
70563 New Iberia, LA 8.24 Iberia Central Standard
70528 Delcambre, LA 9.4 Vermilion Central Standard
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