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(5 airports found within 30 miles of Greenville, UT 84731)
1. Beaver Municipal Airport

Location: Beaver, UT
Beaver County
3.81 FAA ID: U52
2. Milford Municipal Airport

Location: Milford, UT
Beaver County
18.93 FAA ID: MLF

3. Junction Airport

Location: Junction, UT
Piute County
27.42 FAA ID: U13
4. Parowan Airport

Location: Parowan, UT
Iron County
28.49 FAA ID: 1L9
5. Panguitch Municipal Airport

Location: Panguitch, UT
Garfield County
29.52 FAA ID: U55
* Distance is point to point from the centroid of zip code 84731.
(not driving distance)

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