Please be advised that censtats.census.gov (“Censtats databases”) will no longer be available after January 31, 2017, as the Census Bureau streamlines web applications for data access.

Here is information to help you access data that had been in Censtats databases using other Census Bureau resources:

What data was in the Censtats databases?

Censtats, a long-serving data access tool on census.gov, included data from across programs, including county business patterns, international trade, building permits, and the decennial census. All of the data distributed through Censtats will remain available on census.gov and current programs will continue to publish data online.

Why was Censtats decommissioned?

With technological advancements and new requirements, it was not feasible to maintain or update this system as it approached its end-of-life. Censtats was one of the Census Bureau’s earliest online dissemination systems. Some dissemination functionality has since been deprecated due to newer systems coming online and some databases had not been updated for several years due to program changes.

How can I get data now instead of with Censtats?

See the links above for details on how to continue to access data that was in the Censtats databases.

Will the functionality that Censtats provided for some data sets be made available again?

The Census Bureau is developing enterprise dissemination tools at data.census.gov and eventually, datasets will be available there. We are also looking at other means of improving access to data that had been in Censtats while longer term efforts are underway. Data will also continually be added to the bureau’s , which allows others to create customized applications to meet their specific needs in ways that the Census Bureau can’t.

Where can I get help using Census Bureau data?

Information on how to contact the Census Bureau is listed here: . We also have who can assist you.