Cedar Valley, Utah

Cedar Valley - Local

Acceptable alternate names for zip code 84013:
Cedar Fort, Fairfield

Local Area Code: 801  Time Zone: Mountain  DST: Y
Location: (by zip code) 40.24758 N, 112.06206 W
Population: (2010: by zip code) = 1,011
Area: (by zip code) 40.04 sq.mi. 0% water.
County: Utah County  County Population: (2010) = 516,564   
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Astronomical Dawn: 3:49 am
Sunrise: 5:56 am
Sunset: 9:04 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 11:11 pm

Local Time: 4:26 am   | 55°F 51% RH  | 
Current Weather: Fair
Earthquakes in the USA , Active Tropical Systems
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ZIP Code Business Patterns 84013

Cedar Valley is located 36.6 miles ( 58.8 km )
--- heading 194o (south-southwest) from Salt Lake City.

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Pop. (2010) = 2,763,885
Nick. = Beehive State
Motto = Industry
Flower = Sego lily
Bird = Seagull
Tree = Blue spruce
Song = Utah, We Love Thee
Statehood = Jan. 4, 1896
Web = www.utah.gov
Land Area = 82,144 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Kings Peak (13,528ft.)
Lowest Point = Beaverdam

Area Code(s) = 435 801 385 

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Gary R. Herbert

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