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Local Area Code: 617  Time Zone: Eastern  DST: Y
Location: (by zip code) 42.362372 N, 71.066194 W
Population: (2000 census) = 589,141 (city)   Demographics
Median age: (2000 census) 31.1 yrs.
County: Suffolk County   County Population: (2010) = 722,023   
Places in Suffolk County

Astronomical Dawn: 3:14 am
Sunrise: 5:21 am
Sunset: 8:19 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 10:25 pm

Local Time: 1:54 pm   | 75°F / 40% RH  | 
Current Weather: A Few Clouds
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ZIP Code Business Patterns 02222

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.

Boston is referred to by the nicknames "Beantown", "The Hub" and the "Athens of America". The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon. Boston is also the home of the oldest public park in the US. Boston Common was purchased in 1634 by the citizens of Boston and in 1640 it was set aside for public use.

The first post office in America was established in Boston in 1639 and in 1652, the first mint in English America was established here.

At the time of the 2000 census, the city of Boston had a population of 589,141 living in 239,528 households. The median age was 31.1 yrs.

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Born in Boston ...

Cotton Mather (1663) - Clergyman
Ann Smith Franklin (1696) - Printer, almanac publisher (sister-in-law of Benjamin Franklin)
Benjamin Franklin (1706) - Statesman, Scientist, signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
Samuel Adams (1722) - American Patriot, 4th Governor of Massachusetts, signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
Paul Revere (1735) - Silversmith, Revolutionary War Patriot
John Singleton Copley (1738) - Painter
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803) - American essayist, poet and philosopher
Edgar Allan Poe (1809) - Author, Poet
Oliver Winchester (1810) - American Inventor
Charles Sumner (1811) - U.S. Senator and Abolitionist
Louisa May Alcott (1832) - Author
Winslow Homer (1836) - Painter
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841) - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Henry Cabot Lodge (1850) - U.S. Senator and Historian
Percival Lowell (1855) - Author, mathematician, and astronomer
Robert Lowell (1917) - Poet
Barbara Walters (1931) - Journalist
Leonard Nimoy (1931) - Actor
Edward "Ted" Kennedy (1932) - U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
James Taylor (1948) - American singer & songwriter
Matt Damon (1970) - Actor

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Massachusetts Profile

Name = Massachusetts
Abbr = MA
Cap. = Boston
Pop. (2000) = 6,349,097
Pop. (2010) = 6,547,629
Pop. (2015) = 6,794,422
Nick. = Bay State, Old Colony
Motto = Ense petit placidam sub liberate quietem (By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty)
Flower = Mayflower
Bird = Chickadee
Tree = American elm
Song = All Hail to Massachusetts
Statehood = Feb. 6, 1788
Web =
Land Area = 7,840 sq.mi.
Highest Point = Mt Greylock (3,491ft.)
Lowest Point = Atlantic Ocean
(Sea Level)

Area Code(s) = 339 351 413 
508 617 774 781 857 978 

Base State Sales Tax

2012 Medium Income

Charlie Baker

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